Add a Youthful Glow to Your Skin

Add a Youthful Glow to Your Skin

Learn how you can benefit from LED light therapy in Portland, ME

LED light therapy adds vitality to your skin. Satya Sanctuary works with a variety of different LED light techniques to bring out the natural color and tone of your face.

Light therapy engages your skin cells to promote regeneration, health and structure. The treatment will tighten your pores and encourage smooth skin, glowing cheeks and a clear complexion.

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Enhance your complexion with an LED light facial

What your LED light facial accomplishes depends on the color of light we use. We can treat your skin for any issue. We offer facials that use:

  • Red light - gives you a more youthful complexion
  • Blue light - eliminates bacteria that causes acne
  • Orange light - revitalizes dull, lifeless complexions
  • Yellow light - reduces redness, swelling and inflammation
  • Green light - smooths skin and reduces sagging spots
  • Purple light - increases cell regeneration
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