Correct Your Complexion With Exfoliation

Correct Your Complexion With Exfoliation

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Specialists at Satya Sanctuary can apply body wraps to your skin in an effort to help you exfoliate. We make sure our wraps apply the right amount of pressure without restricting your airflow.

Exfoliating aids your skin by:

  • Making it softer
  • Stimulating tired cells
  • Preventing acne
  • Brightening your complexion
  • Preparing your skin to absorb lotion
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Explore the benefits of body exfoliation

Our unique body exfoliation technique involves sand imported directly from Hawaii. This sand, which is primarily composed of volcanic rock ground to fine particles, rubs away dead skin and bacteria while enriching your skin with valuable minerals. We'll apply it to your body to husk away dry skin and reveal the soft, smooth skin underneath.

Your exfoliation treatment will make you feel refreshed and leave you with silky-smooth skin. Don't put it off any longer.

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